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We believe we are reliable and by that we mean by working with us, you will witness that we deliver what we both agreed, on time and with all terms. We will not betray your trust.


At evolve, we believe that actions speak louder than words so our quality speaks for itself. What motivates us is that we add value to your business or we have failed. We supply our services with the best quality we can produce. We give the top quality in everything we do.


What keeps us moving forward is that we seek innovation in what we do. We believe our area of work has no borders and the sky is not anymore the limit. With a can do attitude, we believe the impossible does not exist.


While we are good at what we do, we believe that no one knows your business like you do. So we will listen very well to your ideas and requests and dig deep to understand your business. We also keep you updated on what we intend to accomplish.



Domus Ltd is a Clearing and Forwarding Company. The website provides all the information needed and it is well designed with the brand colors, excellent graphics, clean and elements well-spaced. It will give you the pleasure to surf its pages.


Rwanda Stock Exchange is the principal stock exchange in Rwanda. The website is updated every day to show daily prices on the market and it is designed to facilitate every person to get comfortable with it.


Karisimbi hotel located in Kigali Rwanda presents you their services, rooms and facilities all on their websites designed by eVolve.


A well designed website for a school, it shows beauty and simplicity, it is responsive and people can subscribe to the school newsletter for better communication.


PO Bajowa & Associates Chambers is one of the foremost 21 century commercial, property and Criminal sets of barristers’ chambers in Lagos Nigeria. On the first look, you notice the website is designed for attorneys with the primary colors black and white.


Reach Rwanda is a Christian non-profit organisation that we created a website that contains in details what they do.


Richard Migambi

Lead Developer/PM

Richard Migambi, the founder of eVolve Ltd has more than 9 years in the software industry as a programmer, business analyst and a project manager. He has worked for some of the international companies such as IBM, SONY, HASBRO before founding 37 Software Solutions Ltd in 201 in UK. The company was rebranded as eVolve in 2014.

Irene Inyange

Business Analyst

Irene Inyange is qualified in inventing and presenting ideas and strategies. She clearly analyzes and produces requirements for business needs in line with business processes. She is also experienced in both offline and online marketing; and Content Management System. She has worked for Lamudi Rwanda property website before joining eVolve Ltd.

Pacifique Musirikare


Pacifique is software and web developer. He graduated from AUCA University. His passion lies in writing code and developping websites.

Fernand Mugisha


As a creative designer, Fernand will be the creative , coming up with the initial concept of your website and application and the artistry that comes with it. Fernand also will code the mockup to add the interractivity for your users and visitors.

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eVolve have become a vital part of meeting our IT needs. They've spent the time to deeply learn our specialized needs, the quality of their work is high, they deliver according to schedule, and they are always immediately responsive when we encounter a problem.

Jimmy McWhinney

The Renewal Center, Shanghai China

Richard has been working on a bespoke product ordering & production system for us for some while and throughout the process Richard has been reliable and efficient in all that he has done. I would not have any hesitation in recommending his services to others.

Martin Froud

Custom Blinds, Fareham England