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Benin e-GP implementation technical assistance



To enhance its public procurement system and introduce transparency, competition and efficiency, among other benefits, Benin has embarked on a project to improve public procurement governance by creating a single channel for the management and procurement of public contracts e-GP or electronic Government Procurement system. The project is also expected to increase national procurement opportunities’ accessibility, cutting costs without sacrificing quality, and lowering corruption levels while maintaining good governance.


To solve or to fill this gap, the process began with assessment of the current situation (AS-IS) of the public procurement system through stakeholders’ engagement. Through this exercise, our consultants identified points of bottlenecks and challenges and proposed areas of optimisation of the process (TO-BE). Based on this revamped process, detailed functional and technical requirements have been proposed to provide a blueprint of the system implementation.

Moreover, one of the hardest parts of system implementation is the choice of a model for implementation (COTS, Development from Scratch or SAAS), our services provided a contrast between all the options based on our industry knowledge but especially the local context analysis. Our team also supported the procurement process as well as technical assistance on contract management with the selected vendor, change management and sustainability of the e-GP in the country.


While the project is still ongoing, significant progress is being made. Through the AS-IS assessment and identification of challenges in the process, the Government of Benin now has a clearer understanding of the requirements for improving public procurement governance. By identifying areas for optimization and digitization, moving forward the project aims to enhance access to procurement opportunities, streamline processes, reduce costs, and combat corruption. As the project advances, it is expected to bring about tangible improvements in the transparency, efficiency, and integrity of public procurement practices in Benin.