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We are a leading web development company in Rwanda. Evolve has successfully developed web portals for various industry verticals: banks, schools, manufacturers, e-commerce and the government in Rwanda and abroad.

Front-end design

Front end design insists on the creative and personalisation of your website. It is the look and feel of the website where your clients will interact with your business. Our graphics and visual design specialists create the web front end design. After a team brainstorming session we design a concept that is especially tailored to you, our client. From there, designers work on the look of the website by designing template mockups that visually show the whole website. These mockups are then presented to our clients for approval for the next step to a good website.

Back end development

After approval of the client, the second step consists of designing the back end. The backend of a web portal might include a Content Management System, a Client Relationship Management System (CRM) to know and provide better service to your clients or an ecommerce platform where you sell your goods and services and a dashboard to manage orders.